A Glimpse into Caci Newtown's Pop-Up Clinic

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of visiting the Caci Newtown Pop-Up clinic in Wellington. Vandana Rastogi Kaushal, the clinic owner, approached me to photograph the Pop-Up clinic and capture staff headshots.

More about Vandana:

"Passionate about delivering exceptional skincare, Vandana is proud to be associated with Caci. She believes in enhancing your overall confidence by offering personalized skincare and beauty solutions. Vandana is not only about beauty but also about enhancing your overall confidence by delivering outstanding skincare and beauty solutions. She is passionate about providing personalized care and tailoring treatments to meet your unique needs. Vandana is committed to delivering results that make you feel confident and beautiful. She is always inspired to boost your confidence through growing by grooming others."

During my two-hour visit to the clinic, I interacted with Vandana Rastogi Kaushal and her staff, capturing images of the pop-up clinic, showcasing the products they offer, and taking beauty headshots of the staff. I also documented candid moments of interactions and consultations. It was a fascinating experience observing Vandana Rastogi Kaushal and her dedicated team at work, creating a welcoming space for growing and grooming others through exceptional skincare and beauty services.