Crafting Authenticity: A Personal Branding Photoshoot with Giri and Gurjit of COMMKIT

In the realm of personal branding, every photoshoot tells a unique story. Having previously collaborated with Giri from COMMKIT on various assignments, it was an honor when he approached me for a personal branding session, not just for himself but also for Gurjit.

This particular photoshoot stands out for its uniqueness in terms of location, styling, mood, and narrative. It was an opportunity to delve into the essence of their work and brand, capturing the authenticity that sets them apart.From carefully chosen locations that resonate with their brand ethos to curating the right mood and storytelling elements, every aspect of this session was meticulously planned. The result is a series of authentic and inspiring photos that go beyond the surface, providing a deeper insight into the personalities behind COMMKIT.

For a glimpse into their story, motivations, and the passion that fuels their brand, be sure to check out the last image. This photoshoot was more than just creating visuals; it was about encapsulating the spirit and energy that define the collaboration between Giri, Gurjit, and COMMKIT.