Sculpting Emotions: A Creative Journey in Arangetram Photography

For my third Arangetram, I delved into a creative experiment, blending reflections and intentional motion to infuse the images with heightened impact and emotional resonance. This unique journey posed challenges, demanding precision in timing and a delicate balance between capturing the dance's essence and introducing dynamic elements.

Despite the hurdles, the outcome brought a sense of fulfillment. The images, shaped by reflections and intentional motion, added depth and emotion to the narrative. Each frame encapsulates the dedication and artistry, transforming the Arangetram into a visual symphony.

This experiment affirmed that true creativity blossoms amid challenges. As I explore innovative avenues, I look forward to uncovering new possibilities and refining my craft. The journey of artistic exploration continues, inspiring me to delve deeper into the realms of visual storytelling with each experiment.


Venue: Little Theatre, Lowerhutt

Dance School: Mudra Dance Academy, Wellington