An Arangetram is the culmination of many years of learning dance. The performance represents at least a year of concerted activity on the part of the student and her parents. The student rises to a new level of performance, and moreover, develops the discipline to achieve a long-term goal. As with any graduation, it is much more than a stamp of approval.

A year of dedicated dance classes, a great deal of practice through the year, with two to three hours per day in the last two or three months. Mugdha’s Arangetram event is one of the most challenging and exciting accomplishments in her dancer's journey. Her solo-dance debut was awesome, her hard work is definitely paid off. It's her passion for dance that took her to this level of accomplishment. Her performance is an absolute treat to the eye. Everyone was very proud of her accomplishment.

I was absolutely fortunate enough to get an opportunity to capture her milestone event and I had an incredible time not only photographing the event but spending the time with the family in order to successfully execute the event.

Here is Mugdha’s Arangetram event through my eyes. Hope you all like it as much as I love making the images.