an incredible milestone:NATRAJ SCHOOL OF DANCE 25th PRODUCTION

What an incredible milestone! I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to capture the mesmerizing moments at Natraj School of Dance's 25th production event. The sheer grace, unwavering dedication, and exceptional talent displayed by the performers left me in absolute awe.

From the intricate choreography to the emotive expressions, every element of the performance spoke volumes about the years of hard work and passion invested in the art of dance. The stage came alive with vibrant energy, transporting the audience into a world of artistic brilliance.

Here's to celebrating not just the art of dance but also two and a half decades of unwavering dedication and brilliance from Natraj School of Dance. It was a privilege to be a witness to such a momentous occasion, and I am excited to see the continued success and artistic achievements in the years to come!


Venue: Lowerhutt Little Theatre

Dance School: Natraj School of Dance, Lowerhutt