Wellington Indian Cultural Centre Temple wedding | Neelam & Deepak's Roller Coaster of Love

Step into the vibrant celebration of Neelam and Deepak's wedding, a beautiful journey uniting two families across Wellington and Taupo. Join me in revisiting the magical moments I had the privilege to capture, from synchronized pre-wedding rituals to the lively wedding festivities.

Neelam and Deepak's love story unfolded through my lens, showcasing the fusion of two families against the backdrop of Wellington and Taupo. Synchronized pre-wedding ceremonies brought a sense of togetherness, culminating in the morning Haldi ritual—an intimate celebration of customs and love.

The Haldi-making process turned into a heartwarming affair, with close relatives actively participating and infusing tradition into the joyous occasion. The ceremony took a playful turn, evolving into a vibrant celebration, complete with Puja rituals and the musical joy of bagpipes and dhol.

The wedding ceremony unfolded at the Gita Mandir in Wellington Indian Cultural Centre, Kilbirnie, with the reception held at Moera Community Hall in Lower Hutt. The day was a roller coaster of emotions, filled with dance, cocktail splashes, and the heartwarming tradition of cake smashing. Each frame captured the smiles, fun, and emotional highs, mirroring the roller coaster ride of love.

Relish the magic of Neelam and Deepak's wedding journey through my lens—a kaleidoscope of vibrant traditions, lively festivities, and cherished moments. Their story transcends distances, and I hope you enjoy every frame as much as I did capturing these beautiful memories.


Wedding Venue: Gita Mandir, Wellington Indian Cultural Centre

Reception Venue: Moera Community Hall, Lowerhutt

Reception Decor: Wed In Style

Makeup Artist: Harvi