Keerthi & Hemas: A Cross-Cultural Celebration at Silver Stream Retreat

Join me in reliving the enchanting love story of Hemas Gandhi and Kalyani Keerthi, where a Gujarati boy met a Telugu girl, creating a universal connection that led to a beautiful journey of love. Their Wellington wedding, set against the picturesque backdrop of Silver Stream Retreat, unfolds as a harmonious blend of cultures and heartfelt moments.

Love knows no cultural boundaries, and the union of Hemas and Keerthi is a testament to that. Their wellington wedding at Silver Stream Retreat, showcased in the captivating pictures below, was a meticulously organized event. It brought together amazing people, creating a tapestry of heart-felt moments, all in perfect synergy.

The images from their special day narrate a story of unity, where diverse traditions seamlessly merged into a beautifully orchestrated ceremony. Keerthi and Hemas's Silver Stream Retreat wedding is a visual feast capturing the essence of their cross-cultural love journey. In these moments, we witness that, indeed, love is ONE.


Venue: Silverstream Retreat

Decor: Wed In Style

HMUA - Harvi