During Photo Fest 2021, I embarked on my second photo session out of three planned. What started as an exciting shoot took an unexpected turn when I encountered a dreaded issue with my SD card—neither writing to it nor reading from it was possible. It was a first-time experience and certainly a nerve-wracking moment.

Thankfully, I had a backup SD card on hand, allowing me to swiftly resume the shoot. However, to ensure nothing was lost, I requested Kathy to repeat her poses, displaying remarkable patience and professionalism.

Upon returning home, I successfully recovered all the photos, turning what could have been a disaster into a valuable lesson in preparedness.I extend my heartfelt thanks to Kathy Wincen for her patience, cooperation, and stunning costume. I'm also grateful to Kim, Kathy's partner, for lending a hand in carrying my gear and even serving as a voice-activated light stand for a few shots.

Despite the challenges, photographing all three models during Photo Fest was a rewarding experience. It provided me with opportunities to experiment, learn, and refine my craft, leaving me eager for more creative adventures in the future.