Milind & Aditi's Aston Norwood Garden & Makara Beach Engagement

Join Milind and Aditi as they embark on a romantic journey, celebrating their love and commitment in a unique and picturesque way. Aston Norwood's Blossom Valley and the serene Makara Beach served as the perfect backdrop for their photoshoot, chosen to reflect the couple's unique love story and style.

Milind and Aditi's mood board played a crucial role in selecting these two distinct locations. Blossom Valley's blooming beauty and Makara Beach's tranquil charm beautifully brought out the diverse aspects of their love, creating an engagement shoot that truly represents their unique love story.

The combination of these stunning locales, capturing both blossoming beauty and tranquil charm, made Milind and Aditi's engagement shoot a genuine representation of their unique and beautiful love story.